Taha | Phnom Penh

emlyon business school student, (former student in mathematic)
I give mathematic courses and help for pupils homework

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Verified profile and diploma
Speaks French & English
Rated 5/5 by his students
About Taha
I am a second year student in France, where I play Handball and I also am a tutor for pupils in mathematics. I love to travel around the world, so doing my internship in Phnom Penh was a great opportunity, and I am looking forward to helping new pupils

Nationality : France

I like: Handball, Cinema, reading

My favorite quote: Actions speak louder than words
100 hours

tutoring at August 5, 2018
15 students

to August 5, 2018
2 subjects


Teaching methodology
To teach mathematics in particular, I start with the lesson. It has to be known by the pupils in order to start the exercices, and then, with a lot of exercices the pupil will come to understand the methods written in his lesson, and in so doing he will improve himself
Curriculum vitae
Useful information
I give lessons in person at the student's home.

Travel policy in Phnom Penh: I can go everywhere in Phnom Penh

Lesson cancellation : The day before the course would be great

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